SysTrack Certification

Our free certification courses provide customers and partners the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of SysTrack within our self-paced, online learning platform. We offer three courses: SysTrack Technician, SysTrack Engineer, and SysTrack Dashboard Designer.

SysTrack Technician (2.5 hours):
New to SysTrack? Learn to monitor computing health with SysTrack Visualizer, SysTrack Resolve, and SysTrack AIOps.

SysTrack Engineer (3.5 hours):
Want to dive deeper? This course presents additional SysTrack tools to investigate your computing landscape and configure SysTrack for your environment.

SysTrack Dashboard Designer (2-4 hours):
Need to build custom dashboards? Take this next level course to learn how to get data from the SysTrack database and design SysTrack Dashboards to meet your specific needs.

After completing each course, you will be awarded a certification and badge!